A fully managed, highly scalable, listing database service.

Designed for CREA Data Distribution Facility (DDF®)


Fast Data. Fast Results. Fast Insight

RealtyHUB is a Integration Service Platform designed to reduce friction and complexity when building Real Estate Website and Mobile Applications using CREA's Data Distribution Facility (DDF®).

High Perfromance

RealtyHUB is born in the cloud and backed by blazingly fast, low-latency, write-optimised SSD storage. Achieve fast, predictable performance with reserved resources to deliver on your throughput needs..

Rapid Development

RealtyHUB provides RESTful service layer that will enable web applications to directly interact with RealtyHUB enabled data services.


RealtyHUB is the most affordable listing service on the market. We offer a simple price tier that provides a fraction of the cost of you building your own solution.

Content Delivery Network

A fast and modern global delivery network for high-bandwidth content

Speed matters. The Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is designed to send audio, video, applications, images, and other files faster and more reliably to customers using servers that are closest to each user.

Property Search API

Users expect great relevance, suggestions, and solid linguistics that effortlessly handle spelling mistakes, near-instantaneous responses, multiple language, faceting.

Support for Azure Search and ElasticSearch

Property Database API

NoSQL document database service designed to natively support JSON and JavaScript directly inside the database engine.

Support for DoucmentDB and MongoDB

Plans and Pricing

Endless Possibilities. Simple Pricing.

  • $45

    per month

    Single Pricing Tier

    For Developer by Developers

    • 1 Hour Data Refresh
    • Technology Service Provider Feed
    • 3rd Party Destination Feed
    • Complete Geocoded Dataset *

* Requires Google Maps or Bing Maps subscription.
** Requires subscription.
Windows Azure Hosting fees charged separately.


Yes, RealtyHUB requires a separate Windows Azure Subscription. RealtyHUB is designed to be a Integration Platform as a Service.
No, Only CREA DDF is currently supported.
No, Only CREA DDF is currently supported.
DDF® supports the RESO standard. The RETS Web API v1.0.1 server is currently not supported. Although as per the RETS Web API v1.0.1 specification the search service is designed to use OData Proctocol.
Storge : Azure Windows Table Storage
Search : Azure Search
Dbaas : Azure DocumentDb
Amazon is currently not supported. Email us for Amazon Support.
Google App Engine is currently not supported. Email us for Google App Engine Support.

100% Compliant

100% Compliant with CREA Data Distribution Feed Policies and Rules.